Status update: Medieval Family

July 2, 2012

So, about a week and a half ago, I decided to make costumes for my family for Horsens Medieval Festival (in Denmark).

After a week I finished my father’s costume. I used the pattern “Bockstensmannens Dräkt” (pardon my Swedish, I think it’s how it was spelled). I’ve made him a shirt/dress thing (not sure what it’s called in English), a strutthat (again, not sure) and a cloak. I decided not to make socks for him, since my mom found some really long woolen socks in just the right colour, which will look great with the costume.

The cloak I made using my mother’s sewing machine, which made me realize that my own – faithful as it has been – needed a replacement. 20 years or more old, it still runs good, but it’s starting to complain a bit if I feed it with too much fabric. I decided that since I now sew so much, I could give myself a gift of a new machine – also to celebrate my recent employment. So, I bought a new machine, and tested it out yesterday – I almost completed a whole dress in 1 day!

Now I need to:

  • Complete the underdress for my sister (After a fitting) and then make the overdress
  • Make a set of over- and underdress for my mom
  • Hopefully also make a new underdress for myself to go with an old costume (which has a not-so-authentic one)

But the next few weeks, I’ll be going to Lithuania (where my old faithful machine will go on a new journey as well), so I will have to take a break from my crafting. But I have until August 24th, so I’m expecting I’ll make it (at least the ones for my mother and sister)


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