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IMG_1376So this weekend I’ve been a busy bee. I got started on another costume – Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne (details in the Cosplay-section in the menu). I also visited my parents, and my mother had a surprise for me – a company that sewed apparently moved their production, and had a lot of spare threads and other stuff – and they donated it to the after-school care where my mother works. As they don’t have time or ressources to sew there, the employees were allowed to take the things with them home. And not many of them are into sewing, so… My mother naturally got a LOT – and gave it to me! Now I have a huge drawer full of rainbows of threads, which I’m sure will come in handy (even if my boyfriend now is wondering if I’m crazy with all this sewing stuff I’m stock-piling XD). She also gave me lots of laces and elastics which I haven’t quite figured out where to put. My room is around 6 square meters, and at the moment I’m storing all my fabrics and sewing supplies, along with my piano, my desk and my wardrobe with all my clothes. And then my guinea pigs are also living in here in their big cage. I think I’ll need a bigger room soon!



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