All of the Rapunzel

August 14, 2022

So I’ve been putting off photoshoots for a while for a few reasons. First, it’s been summer and it’s just kinda sucky to do photoshoots when it’s full-on summer. Outside, it’s too sunny (best weather for photoshoot is overcast) and it’s just generally too hot everywhere. Normal houses in Denmark don’t have air conditioning and wearing full makeup and costume in 30 degrees with air that is not moving at all is just not fun. Also just pure laziness and not feeling like it.

Anyways, many excuses, but the other day I decided that it’s finally time to get through the back log of cosplays that I want photos of. For now, it’s only been studio photos, but perhaps I’ll still get some location photos as well. Thursday we did all 3 of my different Rapunzel cosplays – it just made sense, since it’s the same make-up. 

When I say “we”, I mean my husband and I – I’m lucky to have a great photographer and a nice studio right at home. Makes it easier to do spontaneous shoots!

One thing I disliked about these photos was not the photos themselves, but the reactions I got. Most were positive of course, but I did get a few private messages from well-meaning people who told me how much I should trim off my hair, how I should treat it day-to-day and other unsolicited advice. I’m not saying I’m doing it “right” – but I dislike people tell what I need to do. I don’t even have a goal with my hair – I just didn’t want to cut it and that’s it. I never really thought to myself: “I’ll grow it until it reaches the floor”. I don’t like hair dressers and that’s it. 

Anyways, I guess my point is – if people aren’t asking for advice, don’t tell them what to do. You don’t tell someone they need to loose 10 kgs, either, even if it’s the truth. To me, that’s similar to someone telling me I need to cut off 10 cms of hair. Like, yeah, I know the ends of my hair are not as thick as further up – but that’s my choice.

Sooo a bit off-track – enjoy my Rapunzel photos and keep it to yourself if you don’t like how my hair looks 🙂 

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