Autumn update 2022

October 7, 2022

I’m still alive! Just taking a little break from cosplay. Fantasy Festival exhausted me socially, and I didn’t feel like working on cosplays for a while. But since I’m a creative person, that didn’t mean I did nothing – I’ve been getting into making hair sticks and also painting and rearranging some areas in the house. You know, the usual pre-winter nesting ritual (for me, at least).

I’ve still got plenty of events left in the calendar, although the year is almost over and I’m excited to add two new countries to my list of cosplay con countries. Vienna later this month, where I’ve only passed through once before, and London next month, which I’m also excited about, even though I’ve been to London a few times before. Sadly we won’t get to actually see much of either destinations, but I’m hoping we’ll get at least a few hours to see some things in each place.

As for what cosplays I’ll bring… I guess we’ll see. In Vienna, I’m mostly there as a +1/handler for Zibartas, so probably both our suitcases will consist mostly of one of Zibartas’ big creations, and I’ll bring something small – luckily, most of my cosplays are fairly transportable.

For London, we’ll both be guests and judges, so I’ll bring some of my fancier cosplays – probably at least 1 elf!

What happens crafting-wise from me in the future, I guess time will tell. I think I’ll take a little bit more time off from starting new cosplays and work on preparing what I’ve got for airplane travelling.

I hope I’ll see some of you at either events! 🙂

Oh, and in case you’re wondering what a hair stick is: It is what it sounds like – a stick to put in the hair! See images below 🙂 

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