Busy cosplay winter

October 8, 2014

Winter is usually down-season for most cosplayers – not for me, though!

I’m working hard on my Valeera Sanguinar costume, which I’m planning on finishing by May 2015 (I know, looong time away, but this is a big project for me). I’m also working on a steampunk Cubone and a Supergirl costume, both for November. And I’m also helping two friends with other Pokemon-costumes AND will probably also help my sister with a Wonder Woman costume, those three are also for November.

But who needs sleep, anyways?

Below: Current projects. Valeera is based on the comic book, but since there are many variations there, I made my own sketch. Cubone is my own design, Supergirl will be similar to Helen Slater’s 1984 version 🙂

valeera 10653873_845196582160030_8128775899155171485_n Helen_Slater_as_Supergirl_2

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