Gamescom stress

I usually never put unrealistic deadlines on my costumes. The reason is that I did that once. I planned to make Ysera in a very short time – she was the 2nd cosplay I ever made, and it was a very unrealistic time frame i … Continue readingGamescom stress

Cons of 2016

We’re already in the 3rd month of 2016! Holy hell, where did the first two go?? I’ve been so busy with moving and illness in family and other personal stuff that I’ve had a very slow start to cosplay this year. But no matter – … Continue readingCons of 2016

Koyocon 2015

Long post incoming! And sorry for turning it into a semi-rant. Koyocon 2015 ended a couple of days ago, and it was a crazy, fun experience! So much stuff happened in so little time that I know I’ll need a full week before I have … Continue readingKoyocon 2015

Some ends!

In my last post, I mentioned aaaall the projects I started and how I wasn’t finishing any. Well, although I didn’t get as much done as I wanted to, I still managed to cross some things off my list! Ysera got a brush-up with some … Continue readingSome ends!


There’s two days left until Koyocon, and I’m slowly starting to notice my nerves stirring. I’m not joining as a regular con-goer this year, but rather as part of the event team. My duties includes taking pictures with semi-professional equipment and hosting a prop building … Continue readingKoyocon