Cosplay stress!

Cosplay stress is one of those things that seems kind of stupid. Why are we stressing over something that should be a fun, creative hobby – something that should be us letting our minds and hands roam free and creating beautiful things from weird materials.? … Continue readingCosplay stress!


Procrastination. I like that word. Sounds super fancy, even though it actually just means avoiding work, more or less 😀 It’s what I’ve been doing for the past week or so. Nothing much 😀 Just playing Overwatch, celebrating birthdays, dealing with drama and emotion, enjoying … Continue readingProcrastination


USUALLY I keep this blog to being mostly about cosplay and stuff. But today, my excitement is overwhelming, and I’m having trouble keeping it bottled up. My friends know me as a collector, someone who just has a lot of stuff. I’ve always been like … Continue readingExcitement

Some ends!

In my last post, I mentioned aaaall the projects I started and how I wasn’t finishing any. Well, although I didn’t get as much done as I wanted to, I still managed to cross some things off my list! Ysera got a brush-up with some … Continue readingSome ends!