CCXP Cologne 2019

July 4, 2019

A few days ago, I attended the first CCXP Cologne as a walking act. I had very mixed expectations, as this was a new convention merging with an old, well-loved event, and that made a lot of people angry and sad, because they felt they’d loose their beloved RolePlay Convention. (RPC)

I myself have been to a few times, and I shared the fear – RPC was a special event that had a very homey feel. Less commercial than other conventions, but still more professional than the events I’m used to from my home country of Denmark, where the conventions are mostly organised by teenagers.

To be honest, I feel the only reason that CCXP was so much unlike RPC was because it lacked the support of the people who made RPC that – RPC. Many of the cosplayers we usually meet and hang out with decided not to go, because the ticket price was higher. I also felt many vendors didn’t come for the same reason – price.

This is sad, because to me, CCXP was actually great. I haven’t been to many Comic Cons before, so I can’t really make as good a comparison, but lots of people have said that it was the best comic con they’ve been to.

There was space to breathe, and though the first days – work days in Germany – felt a bit empty, the weekend crowded up nicely, and there was a good crown without it feeling too stuffed.

I felt that there was a good mix of different things. The Comic Con part was of course a large presence, but there was also lots of space for board games, there were lots of cosplayers, an outdoor area with wasteland rp theme (I feel sorry for them having to fry outside, though), and a small medieval market.

Overall, there were less vendors than at RPC for sure. But again, I really think it’s because people just had a kind of negative attitude towards it, and that combined with higher prices made it less attractive.

The thing I was missing most from the old RPC was the medieval market. It was a lot better before – the area it was hosted wasn’t between two halls, so it felt less like a parking lot with sporatic tents and more like a market before. I also really missed the meat on a stick 😀

Overall, though, I enjoyed the convention, and I could see myself returning again next year!

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