Christmas and the end of 2013

December 26, 2013

December – and with it, the year – is almost over, and here is my last post of the year.

A lot has happened this year – I finished my first huge costume project, started on the 2nd huge project and finished a few smaller ones. This was my first “real” cosplay year – with conventions and the whole thing! At the beginning of the year, I was just a person, who wanted to make a costume. Now I feel like I can call myself a cosplayer. Through this new hobby, I’ve learned so many things and made many new friends. I feel that I have also developed as a person. Many people see cosplayers as socially awkward geeks. But what I have learned by becoming a part of this environment is that cosplayers are friendly and open-minded people.

I’ve been busy this last month of the year – two homemade christmas presents, Galadriel 2.0 (worn at the Hobbit 2 premiere) and too many silver borders for Ysera to count! I’ll do a Galadriel write-up soon!
Also gonna start on Ysera write-up… Before I forget everything.

For now, I hope you have all had a wonderful christmas and will have a happy new year!

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