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We’re already in the 3rd month of 2016! Holy hell, where did the first two go??

I’ve been so busy with moving and illness in family and other personal stuff that I’ve had a very slow start to cosplay this year. But no matter – The point of cosplay is to have fun, so I haven’t forced it. I’m slowly working on my Blood Elf Priestess, which is the first costume I plan on finishing this year. I’m also working on Mylune, but since I’m still stuck with the construction of the hind legs, I haven’t gotten much done there. I will probably think of some more costumes to make this year, though!

Back to my con-plans, here’s an overview so far, with space to add more:

April 9: Star Wars & Science Fiction Messe III

April 29 – May 1: Hydracon 2016

August 19-21: Gamescom 2016

November: Koyocon 2016

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