Conventions 2018 – part 1

May 18, 2018

Oops, I did it again!

I forgot to write con reviews as they were happen. And look at that – almost half the year passed and I’ve been to three cons already! So here’s my write-up of the for the first three cons of my year.

Dreamhack Leipzig

I went here with the Warcrafters, bringing our Darkmoon Faire. We rented a big van, and although it limited our space, we still managed to bring both our exhibition, tent, games and even Broll with us.

Sadly, our corner was very dark, which is also why we have no proper photos. We didn’t know there wouldn’t be any lights where our booth was placed, and hadn’t brought our own. Lesson for next time, eh!

The convention was really nice. There were a decent selection of booths, even though the main focus is LAN party. There were also some tournaments going on and a big main stage. Our booth was almost too popular – we had a very busy day hosting the games. Especially because I participated in the contest, so the rest of the team had to do most of the work.

I was in the Cosplay Contest with my Druid, which I had done a lot of upgrades on, replacing most of the gold parts and redoing the wiring and electronics. I’ll say that the pre-judging took way longer than I would have expected. I was told to be in the area at a certain time, and it was a few hours before my turn to pre-judging came. That’s a lot of time to wait. But the organisers were sweet and they had made sure there were maids who fed us snacks and drinks.

The contest itself was a catwalk-format, where you had around 30 seconds on stage. Some random chosen people were interviewed, and I was one of them. Unfortunately, the host hadn’t been informed that I wasn’t German, and I think he was a bit knocked out of course when I asked to talk in English instead. It was ok, though, everyone had a laugh and it’s all good.

I didn’t win, but I think everyone in the show were amazing, so I think it’s all fair.

All in all, this was a fun, pretty smooth con, and as always meeting up with my German friends again was great.

Sci-fi Con Randers

The second convention I went to this year was a relatively small, local one in Randers, Denmark. A friend of mine had a booth there, and didn’t want to be alone, so he invited me to take half the booth and share with him, and so I brought a selection of armor pieces and weapons and my druid on a mannequin.

Even though it was a small con with very little cosplay, mostly focused on Star Wars and science fiction in general, I felt like our booth was warmly received and that a lot of people were genuinely interested in learning about this hobby and seeing what we do. I even ended up handing out all business cards I had brought with me!

I wore my Black Cat cosplay, because I wanted to be somewhat mobile and comfortable hosting the booth, and it was actually a lot more popular than I thought.

It was just for one day, but it was really nice and I’d love to return next year.

RolePlay Convention Cologne

My 2nd German convention of the year, and an absolute highlight so far. I went again with Warcrafters, this time divided into two cars; mine and a 2nd. My team headed out thursday already, and had the entire day friday to shop around in Cologne – I really like the city, there’s a lot of things to see. In the evening, we met up with the rest of our crew for dinner, and then to party with some of our German friends.

Saturday morning was the first day of RPC and I debuted my new Sylvanas cosplay. I brought small cosplays with me, both because of limited car space and because it was really nice weather. There was so much to see, and so many people to greet!

We tried to watch the cosplay show to cheer for friends, but the crowd was huge, so we couldn’t see. But from what I was told, it was great and the participants looked really good as well!

In the evening, we attended a cosplay dinner along with other German cosplayers, before collapsing into bed.

Second day was short for us, since we had a long drive home. But I wore my blood elf with a new wig, and had a great time. I was sad to see that it was raining, since we hadn’t had time saturday to see the outside area, and so I missed it entirely this year. All the more reason to return next year!

The drive home took us more than 2 hours longer than expected, because the traffic and the weather was madness, but we made it home safe!


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