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I’m a real girl when it comes to carrying a bag or purse or whatever you want to call it – I just can’t go anywhere without my wallet, pocket knife, phone, keys, a pen, glue, batteries and whatever else one might need on the go. It’s the same at a convention – maybe particularly at a convention. At least when it comes to batteries and glue – making the kind of costumes I make that involve light and a lot of glued on stuff, a little repair is needed, especially after the first time wearing, since you might find out that one part or the other didn’t work as planned. Sadly, my costumes don’t exactly come with pockets. My solution? Make matching bags!
Why not? This way, you get to store all your stuff while still not looking weird with a black canvas bag together with a red leather bikini or whatever one might do. So next time you don’t know how to carry your things with you and your cosplay helper is out of town – think about making a matching bag.
Below, my matching bags for Ysera, my Druid and Chii. Giselle actually also has one, but I cheated and bought it at a 2nd hand store – it is an original bridal accessory, which I think is just perfect for that costume!

1922312_771126456233710_6499766610940870409_n475277_602107496468941_1254111993_oChii bag

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