Galadriel was a costume made first time in 2012 for the premiere of the first “The Hobbit ” movie.

Here it is in its first awkward form:


When I first started this project, there weren’t many pictures of Galadriel’s outfit from The Hobbit available.

This is one of the very few I used:


The dress was made within a few days. I used a pattern for a medieval dress as a base for the dress (link).  I made my own pattern for the sleeves. They are just straight and long, and only stitched together a few centimeters in from the top, and then open all the way down after that.  The dress laces up at the back.

My first version of Galadriel also saw jewellery made from  soda cans and copper  wire. They looked very nice, but were too flimsy. The brooch even broke before I made it to the cinema. Here some photos:

elven_brooch_by_skymone-d5ndqhq elven_circlet_by_skymone-d5ndqtc


As the 2nd movie came, I thought it was time to update this costume a bit. The jewellery needed to be replaced, as both the brooch and the circlet broke. My new jewellery was made by a more stable material – Worbla. Worbla is a thermoplastic that can be heated up and molded as needed, and when it cools down, it keeps its shape and is very durable.  I primed the worbla with wood glue to give it a smooth surface, then painted it with first a base layer of black paint, then silver paint and finally added highlights/shadows. For the circlet, I used silver nail polish, as I found it is more shiny and metallic than acrylic silver paint.  Enough writing, here are some progress pictures!

1483240_706195472726809_1899355038_n 1476197_707894619223561_1564736635_n


And finally, a picture of the 2nd version costume finished:

1497652_709282195751470_279251259_n (1)

Who knows, maybe I will make a 3rd version  – I think there is room for improvement on the dress!