Nordrassil Druid Armor

This night elf druid was my first real cosplay. I’ve been a costume-lover for years, I’ve also went to conventions before in costume, but this was the one that made me finally feel like I could call myself a cosplayer. I made it myself, from scratch. I started this costume in a period of my life where a lot of things weren’t going so well. I was without a job, and honestly spent most of my time playing World of Warcraft. This was the thing that got me out of that addiction. This is my character in the game. I’ve spent more hours playing that game than I care to admit, but it got me into cosplaying, which is a thing that makes me very happy, so I regret nothing!



I’m very bad at explaining things in few words, and I also like to use a lot of images. So I’ve devided the progress description of this costume into sections according to the part of the costume they explain. Press the links below to view the section you’d like to read about!

Weapon – Wildfury Greatstaff

Headpiece – Nordrassil Headpiece

Skirt  and belt – Nordrassil Kilt (including description of leaf-making)

Top – Nordrassil Chestguard (including description of gem-making and circuitry)

Shoulders – Nordrassil Life-Mantle

I used Grimas water-based body paint for the white skin colours. Long elf ears were bought from Faraos Cigarer (Danish shop). I’m wearing white lenses. I originally bought a white wig, but chose to use my own hair with white spray-colour instead.

Final result: