Nordrassil Headpiece

This is the model of the headpiece for my druid cosplay:

Version 1 was made of expanding foam:


This headpiece wasn’t very good. The foam was hard to cut exactly and if I cut it too thin, it would break too easily. So, I scrapped it and started over, using cardboard and worbla.

First, I built a base of cardboard and LOTs of hot glue for the front horns, which I then papermached over, so I’d have a base form to shape the worbla around:


I forgot to take the picture, but I also made a sort of headband from metal thread (a thick one) and covered it with papermache. Then I rolled worbla around it. I also added worbla to the cardboard shape seen above and made horns for the back from a base of chicken wire with worbla around.



Worbla sticks to itself, so I could simply heat up the different parts and attach them to each other without glue or anything. I drilled a hole in the front, which will be for wires for the gem.


I added a layer of paperclay, then started painting. First a solid brown base colour.


After the 2nd coat of paint, it looks like this:


Added a third layer with highlights and shadows. Gem was added with hot glue, leaves added with hot glue:

Lastly, adding circuitry and hiding battery and switch (it’s below the leaves, I use CR3032 batteries in all projects).