Dreamhack Leipzig 2017

January 18, 2017

I went to Dreamhack Leipzig this weekend with my group, The Warcrafters. We were invited by the organizers to take part with our Darkmoon Faire, and boy, was it a great experience!

For the past few months, I have been in a creative vacuum with absolutely no inspiration or energy. Going to this convention, seeing all the awesome cosplays on stage, meeting and talking to some of the nicest people I have met, who also happen to be very highly skilled cosplayers, was a great inspiration to me!

We started friday morning VERY early. We had a station wagon and a van cramped full of cosplays, mannequin body parts, armors and a cheetah. Off we went down the icy road towards the south. Destination: Leipzig!

10 hours later, we arrived and had our first encounter with German “authority” in the form of a parking guard. Much discussion ensued – all in heavy dialect German. I concluded that my German skills were not as horrible as I feared – he concluded that just because we’re young and nerdy, we can still be exhibitors and we finally entered the Dreamhack area!
We saw the place we were to set up our corner the next morning, had a look around the convention hall and went to our hotel to check in, have dinner and get ready to party – XMG hosted a party friday night after the convention had closed and we were lucky to get invited!

Namalyn cosplay and I dressed as Darkmoon Twins for the party!

Saturday morning, we got up early and set up our corner! We had less space than anticipated, but it turned out to be a good thing, because we realised that we were way too busy to manage all 3 of our Darkmoon games at a time, so we instead rotated them. Blizzard had sponsored a ton of t-shirts, lanyards and many other things to give away, while Steelseries had sponsored some very nice Blizzard-themed mousepads! People were super happy to get the prizes and it was so much fun to get to make people happy like that!

We also had so many people come by and look at our exhibition and I spoke with many of them (in German), and it was just such a great feeling to know our group may have inspired more people to start cosplaying! Saturday night, we packed everything up after the convention had closed and went back to our hotel for some drinks with fellow cosplayers. We just sat until 2:30 in the morning, talking and laughing. It was just so relaxed and fun!

Sunday morning, we visited the con shortly before heading back to Denmark, and ending an awesome convention. I hope we’ll be able to return to Germany again soon!

Here’s some photos of our corner – the first 14 (the nice ones) were taken by Fotograf-13!

[envira-gallery id=”3948″]

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