Druid status

Yesterday, after a third layer of paint, I think I’ve pretty much finished the headpiece for the druid costume. Only need to solder and attach the circuitry, which will take only a few minutes. That means all that is left of my costume is shoulderpieces (which are already quite far along) and possibly some embroidery on the shirt, and the whole costume is done! I can’t believe it. It seems unreal to have almost reached the end!

My Jeanne-costume is sort of on stand-by while I finish my druid, as I’m still searching for the just right fabric, and I’m spending all my crafting-time on the druid.

I did start making some design suggestions to my Smaug costume, but I’m still not set on it.

Also, I’ve taken up weight lifting again and probably will start doing a more intense program soon as well as diet. For me personally, I would feel a bit embarrassed to be wearing a revealing costume (well, belly-showing) and not be fit.

I know a lot of people think women lifting weights look ugly, manly and all bodybuilding-like. It’s just a myth! Only body-builders do, and they take lots of illegal supplements. Here’s how it is: [link]

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