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A few months ago, I discovered the wonderful world of eBay, the place where anything can be bought at a low price! I have already purchased way too many things from this site, but I have been pretty lucky with my purchases – getting things that were as expected within resonable time.

Apart from one item – I purchased a wig from a guy called novice-user, who later changed his username to ie-commerce. I waited a month for it to arrive by mail (not unusual for goods from China), and was excited when I finally got it. But alas, it wasn’t as described at all! I bought a straight, middle-parted wig – and received a wavy, no-parted wig. Furthermore, no matter how I put the hair in the top front, the wig cap underneath was visible. I was pretty pissed!

So of course, I contacted the seller. At first, he offered me 50% of the price back, since it wasn’t his fault it had been damaged in the mail. But there were no lose hair in the package, and it had not been opened for customs, so how could it be due to damage that the wig cap was visible? When I pointed this out, he admitted it may have been a bad batch, and offered to send me a new one, to which I hesitantly agreed, seeing as he was not willing to refund the money.

2 months later, I still have not received my replacement wig, and the guy is no longer replying to my emails. I consider those money lost, and I don’t need the wig anymore, anyways.

I am writing this, hoping others will learn from my mistake and stay away from this guy.

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