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USUALLY I keep this blog to being mostly about cosplay and stuff. But today, my excitement is overwhelming, and I’m having trouble keeping it bottled up.

My friends know me as a collector, someone who just has a lot of stuff. I’ve always been like that, it’s a habit I picked up from my parents. I also love big costume projects. And I love having the things I need for my project in stock so I can work on them a Sunday morning even if the shops aren’t open. While I’ve had a fairly big apartment the past few years, I’ve had trouble fitting all my things, especially since I opened my cosplay shop, Cosplay Loot. Keeping all my costumes, a cheetah, all my crafting supplies and the stock of a webshop in one room has definitely made it one very cramped workshop. But very soon, that won’t be a problem anymore, because –

Today I was notified that the house I looked at with my boyfriend to rent was ours if we wanted it! It’s almost twice as big, so now we will finally both have space for our hobbies. It seems maybe overkill for two people to have a big house, but it’s like a dream come true for me. I will of course post some photos of my new workshop once we’ve moved, which isn’t until December.

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