Fantasy Festival 2022

September 21, 2022

Last weekend I went to Fantasy Festival with my cosplay group, Warcrafters.

We hosted a little booth where we showed people what cosplay is and it was super popular as always. We arrived friday to set up and saturday was the first big day. This year’s saturday had more visitors than both days last years, so it’s definitely an event that is growing ever more popular.

I managed to finish my Sprite Darter cosplay in the week leading up to the event, and I debuted it Saturday. People were really positive and it was great to get so many nice comments even though it’s kind of an obscure character that not many recognized. It was surprisingly comfortable despite the metal wing harness (made by Zibartas Cosplay). Actually, the only thing that was uncomfortable was the weight of the hood, so for next wear, I’ll add some magnets or something to help destribute the weight from the front comb that holds it in place.

Sunday was almost as busy as Saturday. I debuted my new Rapunzel and had my Eugene by my side. Rapunzel is always popular with the kids and this year was no exception. I’m not that good with kids, but I love to make them smile and it’s great to know that meeting Rapunzel made their day.

It’s almost a yearly tradition now to get a photo with Silja Okking, who voices Rapunzel in the Danish dub of the Tangled series, and she’s always such a positive and great person to talk to, so it’s definitely a highlight.

All in all, I had a great weekend. Sadly, I think I’m getting old for crashing on the floor on an air mattress and socializing non-stop for a whole weekend. I was completely dead Monday and barely managed to drag me through the day, and even Tuesday was a struggle. Now we’ve reached Wednesday and I’m starting to be back to normal. Enjoy some photos below from the event!

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