Fantasyfestival 2021

September 27, 2021

The first convention post covid-19 with my cosplay group, Warcrafters, was Fantasyfestival. We had a booth with exhibitions of our cosplays etc. Since we spent most of the previous year not-together and not knowing when we could go to cons again, we didn’t have any new events or anything planned, but I felt like that was also fine, because there were so many people and many stopped to look at our new things we made during the pandemic and chat with us about us and our cosplays.

It felt great to be together again and the mood was as if corona never happened. Everyone was happy and excited to be out and together again, and there was between 6-7000 visitors (parts didn’t require tickets, so exact numbers aren’t known).

I debuted my new Moonpriest cosplay and also wore my Feralheart that I made last year during the lockdown.

The event was both indoors and outdoors, with outdoor areas being medieval themed. Among other things, you could get photos with owls here, and I stopped by to try that out.

All in all, it’s a great event, an undiscovered diamond for many people. 

Here’s a few photos from the event.

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