Gamebox Festival 2022

April 25, 2022

Yesterday I got back from the first ever Gamebox Festival and man, what an impressive first event that was! I attended as part of the group that hosted the Cosplay Lounge – The Warcrafters. We brought our exhibit and also helped out other cosplayers at the event. It was super fun and the convention organizers took such good care of us. Since it was a LAN-party and a gaming-themed convention, many of the visitors didn’t know what cosplay is, and it was great to get to tell more people about this hobby and how much fun it is.

Since this was the first time the event happened, the halls weren’t crowded, but I have a feeling once the word spreads of how much of a success this year’s event was, more people will come next year. But it also meant there was loads of space and time for interviews, photos and videoshoots. There were also plenty of streamers live during the event, which was pretty nice as well.

Saturday’s cosplay event had loads of talented people and my good friend and co-Warcrafter WeaponSmith Cosplay participated with his new Saurfang cosplay and won an impressive 2nd place in the contest. I’m so happy for him! See the photo of his cool cosplay in the photos below.

We continued the cosplay fun at home monday, where my husband and I had an interview with a crew from the Danish national TV station. They came by to hear what cosplay is to us and to see our workshops and cosplays. It’ll be aired at the end of the year – I’ll be sure to make a post about it then.

I guess that’s all I have to write for now – I can really recommend going to Gamebox next year if you get the opportunity. It has the potential to be massive!

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  1. Nicklas Noer

    You did great and it was awesome to meet you and it was and awesome event ^^ i hope to see you again with awesome cosplays

    (: der var så fedt


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