My Harry Potter book collection

I got my first Harry Potter book in 2001 and since then I’ve collected various editions of books. I usually get them at flea markets, on vacations or as gifts from travelling family and friends.

The main books

Danish 1-6 in hardback. All good condition. HP7 in this version discontinued.

Danish 1-7 in hardback “The Collection”. Was originally released in box, which I don’t have.

Danish 7 softback. 5th ed.

Danish 1-7 in paperback. Original cover versions. Book club version of HP4 included. HP3 and 4 in library cover/bad condition.

Danish 2 softback. 3rd ed.

Danish MP3 audio book. Read by Jesper Christensen.

British softcover 1-5 Children’s version. Original edition

British softcover 1-2. Children’s version 21st century re-release (doesn’t have same format as original, they’re not as tall)

British softcover 1 and 3. Adult original version. Quite worn copy 

British softcover 1. Adult version, 2004 edition

British softcover 1, 2, 4. Anniversary House edition – Ravenclaw

British hardcover 1-2. Minalima illustrated edition.

British hardcover 1, 2, 4-7 (missing no. 3). Children’s version. Original cover edition.

British hardcover 5-7. Adult version. 

British softcover 1-2. Signature editions.

British softcover 1-7 boxset. 2014 Jonny Duddle artwork edition.

British hardcover 4. Illustrated edition.

American softcover 1-6, hardcover 7. Original cover version. Somewhat worn copies.

American hardcover 6. Deluxe Edition.

German hardcover 1-4. Original cover version. HP6 in a later edition with border.

German hardcover 1-3. Later re-release with new, pretty covers.

German softcover 1-4. Original cover version. In a box-set from before HP5+ were released.

Lithuanian hardcover 1, 3, 4 and 7. Original release version with American covers, 3 worn copy.

Lithuanian hardcover 5-6. 20th anniversary ed. with new, unique covers.

Swedish hardcover 1-6. 

HP1 Scottish edition

HP1 Latin edition

HP1 Italian edition

HP1 Finish edition

HP1 Brasilian edition

HP1 Portuguese edition

HP1 and 6 Russian edition

HP2 Polish edition

HP3 French edition

HP1 Chinese edition

HP1 Bulgarian edition

HP1 Czech edition

HP1 Norwegian edition

HP1 Hungarian edition

HP1 Estonian edition

HP4 Dutch edition, Quite worn.

School books

Original Hogwarts Library, British version


Beedle the Bard US edition

Screenplays etc

Fantastic Beasts screenplay. Little, brown edition

Fantastic Beasts screenplay. Arthur A Levine books/Schoolastic edition

The Cursed Child Special rehearsal edition

The Cursed Child Lithuanian ed.

Other books relating to HP

Harry Potters magiske univers – David Colbert.

Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook

JK Rowling’s Wizarding World Movie Magic – Amazing Artifacts

The Art of Fantastic Beasts – The Crimes of Grindelwald.

My Wizardry Cookbook – Recipes from the Wizarding World (GeekGear)