Harry Potter galore

December 1, 2021

I recently had a birthday and that was the anniversary of my Harry Potter obsession, which I’m not sure people who follow me for cosplay know about. It prompted me to make a list of all my Harry potter-books, which I wanted to share here.

I also want to share my little Harry Potter “history”.

A few days before my 12th birthday, the first Harry Potter-movie premiered. Before then, I had thought the whole phenomenon overrated and too popular, but seeing as my big sister was going to the premiere and she was older and cooler, I HAD to go as well.

I ended up LOVING it so much that I asked for the 1st book for my birthday. I got it and swallowed it in a day. Waited impatiently for Christmas a month later where I got the next 2 books, also read in just a few days and between Christmas and New Year’s, I bought the (at the time) last book, Goblet of Fire. While waiting for the 5th book, I re-read the books many times and started a webpage about Harry Potter. I collected every piece of merch I could get my hands on and in a short time, I got locally known as “that Harry Potter girl”. I ended up in the Danish Children’s book of records for biggest Harry Potter book and was interviewed by local news papers and tv channels. I exhibited my collection at local libraries and had a lot of fun being a news source for all things Harry Potter in Denmark. 

Eventually, though, I had to move to a tiny student apartment and couldn’t bring my collection, so I sold off most of it. I did keep all of my books, however. 

And now that I’m an adult with a house, I’ve restarted my collection again, although I try to limit it to books and legos… And other small things that I “need”.


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