June status update

June 4, 2013

May came and went, and now suddenly it’s June – summer! Time seems to fly by, and I seem to get way too little things done. Status on my KKJ costume: Zzzz. I bought the fabric I need, but I didn’t get any further than that. Alex and Ysera are finally in progress, but getting our supplies delivered is painstakingly slow as well – no one has light green faux leather in stock! So we’re waiting for that.

What’s more – I’m moving in just 10 days, and already started packing, selling furniture I don’t want to bring, buying ones I do. At the moment, I’m driving around with my new dining table in the trunk, because I don’t have anywhere to put it!

Things are a bit hectic, but once the move is over, I’ll have a huge space just for crafting – a dream come true for many cosplayers, I think. And together with my cosplay partner, Michelle Louring, we will do our best to finish our Alexstrasza and Ysera cosplays before Genki 2013 – tickets have already been bought, so we better hurry!

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  1. Michelle Louring

    I’m stressing just reading about you stressing… I feel for you!


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