November 5, 2014

There’s two days left until Koyocon, and I’m slowly starting to notice my nerves stirring. I’m not joining as a regular con-goer this year, but rather as part of the event team. My duties includes taking pictures with semi-professional equipment and hosting a prop building panel. Oh, and I am also joining in the cosplay show, as I have persuaded my cosplay partner to work on her stage fear. Did anyone say stressful saturday? Well, as long as I don’t waste time on trivial things like eating or going to the bathroom, I’ll have lots of time for all the things I need to do.

My costumes are, at least, more or less done. There is the minor case of a malfunction of both my bodysuit for Ysera and my whip, but that’s details.

Meanwhile, I have so much motivation to work on Valeera, and also inspiration and ideas for my future cosplay of Mylune (a half elf, half horse creature from World of Warcraft).

So many things to craft, so little time to do it!

As always, check out my Facebook page for daily (almost) updates of my current projects!

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