Leaving on a jetplane

May 19, 2022

After a couple of slightly stressful weeks, the day has come when I’m heading to Lithuania for Comic Con Baltics!

It’s very rare that I need to travel in ways where I have to limit my packing – I’m used to filling up our stationcar to the brim! But I managed to fit two cosplays (Rapunzel and Feralheart) in my suitcase with my regular clothes, makeup and (hopefully) all the other things I need. And still have space to bring home purchases (like more Harry Potter books).

I finished remaking the top part of my Rapunzel. I’m still not 100% satisfied, but I think this is the last time I make this particular cosplay. I also made some new boots for Zibartas‘ Eugene – I actually never got to making these the first time I did the cosplays, instead we just reused the boots I made for his Nozdormu, but they weren’t very accurate and also slightly too small, so he would get blisters. I found a pair of ankle length boots that were way closer to reference and used materials in my stash to make the covers. I’m kinda happy I had perfect pleather in my cupboard – proof that my fabric hoarding is not useless!

Quincy has been helping out with the packing, as you can see – but sadly he’s not coming with us. Instead, he’ll be staying with my sister and her cat, Hugo. I worry that it’s stressful for Quincy to leave home – he likes Hugo a lot, but Hugo is not super keen on furry visitors, although they usually end up getting along. I think Quincy gets sad when I bring him home to be alone. But this problem will be solved next week – Thursday our new kitten moves in!

So the next week and a half will be full of events and excitement. It’s been many years since we were able to visit Lithuania, and I’m really looking forward to both the Comic Con and cosplaying there again, but also to the great food I know we’ll be eating. I’ll keep you posted in my Instagram stories (if I remember) and of course I will make another post about the event when I’m home.

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