Living close to a parking lot/stalling engines/being a light sleeper

December 5, 2011

There are so many titles that goes with this post. I really couldn’t pick just 1!

I woke up an hour and a half before my alarm – and I have been trying for the best part of an hour to sleep again. But there is just too much noise!

Winter finally came to Denmark, it seems, and I’m hating every minute of it, because it means people will get up earlier and make more noise. And since I am a light sleeper and my apartment is right next to the parking lot of my area, this sucks big time! People going out at 6 O’clock and letting their car stall for 10 minutes right outside my door. It sucks. And this will be happening all winter.

Same goes for the stupid little tractor that is throwing salt on the roads and paths. Sure, if it didn’t, I’m likely to fall when I go outside – but I usually do, anyway, clumsy as I am, and I’d prefer to get more sleep in any case! Besides, is it really necessary to stall the freakin’ tractor engine while filling up more salt? Really? Right outside my door?

I should live on a remote farm somewhere, maybe then I’d get some sleep. But I bet people would find a way to keep me awake, anyway. I guess it’s time for ear plugs and white noise machines and what not.

Being a light sleeper sucks. So does winter. And people. Mostly the light sleeper-part.

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