New cosplay: Astral Warden

May 1, 2023

I finally finished my Astral Warden cosplay!

And this time, I didn’t take a year to make a write-up about it – it’s on my page already. You can find it here or under write-ups in the topmenu.

I also added photos of it to the gallery.

This was a cosplay I started last summer, but it took me forever to find the right fabrics. It wasn’t until I went on summer holidays and visited an amazing fabric shop that I finally found the fabrics I needed.

And as is typical for me, I finished it about 80% then totally lost motivation to work on it for months. Then I rushed it the last few weeks before a con. That also means some of the last parts I did were not perfect. At least I was able to fix some of that before I did a photoshoot this past weekend, like the paint job, some attachments etc, but I don’t know why it’s like that with every single project I start.

But I am proud I did finish it. I’m going through a lot of health related things at the moment and finding energy to do anything more than sleep and work is hard lately, so the fact that I did finish it (with a lot of help from my amazing husband) feels like even more of an accomplishment than usual. Now I am taking a little break while considering my next project and focusing on some other things. I’m also doing some creative projects like making clothes and things for myself and people in my life. Below some of those things; A t-shirt, a hooded shrug, a little bag and a gnome I repaired and painted. And of course my druid ^^

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