New Cosplay!

March 23, 2022

So I was working slooowly on Galadriel – which is still on the table – but I knew I wouldn’t be able to learn how to work with metal in time for my conventions next month – Sci-fi-con on April 1st-2nd and Gamebox Festival 22nd-24th.

Last year, I got married and I made my own wedding dress – and I’m really proud of it, even if it’s maybe not the most impressive tailoring, but I love how it looked and how it felt to wear it. I kind of felt it was a pity that I wouldn’t get to wear it again. So I thought: How can I find a way to wear it again without getting married again? Well, since it was inspired by night elves, I thought: Maybe I could turn it into a cosplay! And so, I set out to create an Elune cosplay using my wedding dress as a base.

I haven’t done much changes, which is how I’ve managed to finish this project in a month.

I’ve added a headpiece with big antlers and moons and shiny gems. It’s made of EVA foam using Pretzel cosplay’s pattern.  It was supposed to be for low density foam, but I only had high density. It was hard to get it into the right shape and required a lot of sanding, but I managed. It’s super light weight, so not super uncomfortable to wear. I’m using the same wig I use for a few other cosplays, so I didn’t want to ruin it by mounting the antlers to it, so I made a worbla headband and an elastic (actually an old bra strap) that goes underneath the hair. It’s not perfect, but it works and it’s easy to put on. The worbla headband also worked as a good base for all the bling I added. You can see my selfie that also shows my make-up test above.

I also added some shoulder pieces, because I felt like it needed something more.

Lastly, I’ve also added a little bag (with rhinestones, not pictured) and a moon staff. I only had 3 days to make the staff, so I kept the design very simple. The only thing I bought that I didn’t have for this whole upgrade/cosplay was a broom stick for the staff. It’s telescopic, so not only can I make it short for easy transport (and the moon + foot is removeable), but I can also adjust the height, which is useful for photos (sometimes you just need a shorter staff to fit it in the photo).

I’m really excited to debut this soon! A lot of people were outraged that I would use my wedding dress like this. They asked why I didn’t want to keep it protected home. Well, the reason is selfish – I want to show it off! I really hope I won’t get married again – and if that were to happen, I’d probably not want to wear the same dress, anyways. Honestly, I feel like I’m cheating the system, finding a way to wear a wedding dress more than once without needing to get married again. 

In any case, I hope I get some photos of this soon to show you guys!

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