New costume, new projects!

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I’ve finished Valeera Sanguinar at long last, and a write-up post has been added along with a gallery, which I will update as I get more photos.
Even though I finished one cosplay, it doesn’t mean I’m taking a breather – on the contrary, I’ve started even more things! First, I’m participating in a cosplay contest with Valeera at SVScon where I need to do a skit, so I have been working very hard on a pretty large prop which I will make use of – I’ll show it later next month after I’ve used it!
I have also started my own webshop – Cosplay Loot! It is only open for Danish residents at the moment, sadly.
On top of this, I’ve started a little project, which I’m making until I gather some energy to start my next big project, which is Mylune.

Mylune, my next large project


A Blood Elf Priestess from the WoW Burning Crusade cinematic trailer – a small “recharge” project I’m working on before starting the heavy project of Mylune.

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