Of Murlocs and more…

September 29, 2016

Last weekend, I went to Copenhagen Comic Con. This was the first year of Comic Con in Denmark, and there’s a lot of different opinions about it. For me, it was a mostly positive experience. For me, cons are mostly about cosplay – at least, it’s one of my main reasons to come to a con. And I think as a cosplayer, Comic Con was pretty good. There were a lot of us, and we had a big changing area, which was great.  There were some photographers and many interested people, but only a few got too close. When I say only a few – yes, guy who was TRYING to discreetly take photos of my boobs when I was wearing my blood elf priestess – I saw you! Other than that, I didn’t really feel any problems as a cosplayer. I know there was a panel about “Cosplay is not consent”, but I honestly don’t have any issues with this, so I’m not making a big deal out of it.

As for the rest of the con: A lot complained about there not being enough focus on comics. I see it – but again, it’s the first year. And I think there was a broad focus on many things (mostly western!) which I liked. There was also a lot of complaints about the famous people not being famous enough. I honestly didn’t care XD It’s just not my thing.

The location was quite good in my opinion. We arrived by car, and it was easy to find, easy to park and no issues there. There was a big mall nearby and hotels, and the train station was also close, I think. And the airport. The inside area didn’t feel cramped, but also not gaping empty. I think it was a good size etc. for the amount of people.

All in all, I think it’s cool that Denmark get some more trade fair oriented cons in addition to all the kinda cozy cons we have. Variation is good!

Oh, I mentioned Murlocs in the heading! Almost forgot!

I wore my new Murloc cosplay all day saturday and half of the day sunday. I just loved it so much, I hopped into it again after I got tired of wearing my blood elf. It’s such a fun cosplay to wear, it may be my new favourite! Most people recognized it and even the ones who didn’t thought it was nice! Great success! Now it’s time to work on Princess Peach! ^^

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