Postage prices

November 30, 2011

Ok, so I’m selling some old W.I.T.C.H. magazines from the time when I was reading those, and today I sold 1 of those to a girl. I charge 10 kr pr. magazine, and I give heavy discounts if people buy more than 1.

BUT! Shipping that 1 magazine costs 21 kr! And that’s for the low priority, no-insurance, no tracking shippping. 21 kr! It’s more than the magazine itself’s worth

Seriously, Post Danmark should pull themselves together and find a way to reduce costs on their shipping – also, someone should do more work to compete with them, because these prices are just too crazy. If I want to send a package to my friend in Germany, it’s almost cheaper to drive there and give it to her myself than to send it with the freakin’ mail, while in other countries, if you pay 10 euro, you can ship as big a package as you want to a different country overnight. I doubt I could send my grandma a christmas card for that price.

So buhu, Post Danmark – you suck!

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