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Posted on Where to start? This store carries so many different items, it’s crazy! There”s anything from clothes to toys to electrical components to paintings to wigs. Almost all of it is dirt cheap because – of course – this is a Chinese store. Let me start off by warning that import rules to EU, and particularly Denmark, are strict. If you are not careful when buying things outside EU, you can end up paying almost double price for items! As long as you keep it in mind and stay within your country’s allowed import value (for Danes, check here), you can get a lot of nice things cheap. And the best thing about DX is – shipping is free! No matter where you have them shipped, no matter the amount you buy!

I’ve bought many things from DX, but mainly electrical components like LEDs, switches and battery holders. They are exactly the same kind you buy for 10x the price in local stores. The wait time is VERY long, so if you do buy from here, just be aware that shipping can take up to 6 weeks. I usually order bulks of components and keep them in stock, as I know I need them in future projects.

I can highly recommend this shop if you are not in a hurry to get your items. Clothes and wigs are ofc not the best quality, but it’s the same as you find in Ebay.

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