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June 25, 2013

For my Ysera costume, I needed a very weird, green-coloured faux leather fabric. It was really hard to find a shop that had it, and most of the ones that did charged about twice as much as the other colours of faux leather. Finally, I found one store that carried both my green colour and the red for Alexstrasza (my cosplay partner’s costume) and at a reasonable price. I was really pleased! I also found the silver and gold fabric for the borders at a decent price. Great. Checkout was easy, option to pay with Visa, shipping costs on the high end, but reasonable. All left to do was wait for the package.

And wait I did.

4 weeks of it. I managed to move before I got my package, although I ordered before I even knew I would be moving. First it took 2 weeks for anything to happen. Then I contacted them, and they apologized, but their supplier had failed them – why they wrote on their webpage that they had the fabric in stock when they didn’t, I know. But that was the case. When they finally did send it, they couldn’ t give me a tracking number. So another week passed just waiting for the package to arrive. Finally, after several inquiries, they gave me the tracking number. The package was sitting at GLS storage in my town for a week, just waiting for me to call and arrange delivery (because they couldn’t find my address).

Well, I may just have been unlucky here. Stoff4you did apologize by mail when I wrote to complain, and they did roll the fabric on rolls free of charge (it’s an additional service, usually). They also added some coupons to German webshops.

But my project was delayed over a month, and actually, the gold fabric is not acceptable, as it’s full of black dots. Currently awaiting reply about that.

gold stoffAll in all, it seemed a very promising store, and the other fabrics I received were nice and as expected, so I might just have been unlucky, but it was a disappointing interaction with this shop.


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