Sci-Fi-Con 2021

August 24, 2021

My first convention after a looong break because of the pandemic was Sci-fi-con 2021 in Randers, Denmark.

This was a somewhat small con compared to my usual august schedule of Gamescom with more than 350,000 visitors. Sci-fi-con boasted 2500 visitors, which is still quite big for a Danish convention (we’re a small country).

The mood was really great, everyone were happy and it was a very friendly atmosphere that had room for everyone, no matter your level of nerd-ness or your preferred fandom. The main focus of the event was Star Wars, and loads of Star Wars cosplay groups were in attendance, but there were plenty of other fandoms represented as well. There was a small but varied amount of booths, daily cosplay parades and loads of activities for children. It was a convention that had something for all ages.

I was co-judge of the cosplay contest together with Zibartas cosplay, powered by Photocare Randers. The format of the contest was a photo one, where participants had their photo taken and twice a day, winners were found in each of the four categories: Children 0-10, Children 11-18, Adult Beginners and Adult Advanced. I was surprised by the number of people and it was awesome to see how many came in costume.

The event had time and space to make friends and talk with new people – I had a fun little conversation with Ingvild Deila (Rogue One Princess Leia actress) about hair buns.

All in all, it felt great to be back in cosplay, and Sci-fi-con was a great event to get back into it. I took my Feralheart druid to it’s first con and it was a success – the cosplay is possibly one of my most comfortable ones to date. Followed closely by Rapunzel, which I wore on the 2nd day.

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