Sci-fi-con Randers 2022

April 3, 2022

I spent this weekend at Sci-fi-con Randers (Denmark). It was a 2-day event with around 3000 visitors. I had an absolutely amazing weekend and it was a great event to kick off my 2022 cosplay season.

The cosplay contest at this con is a bit different from the usual type. Instead of having people sign up beforehand and going on stage, we had a photo booth hosted by Photocare Randers (local photography store) where you could have your photo taken and participate like that. There were 4 categories (kid, teen, adult novice and adult advanced) and winners picked 2 times a day. Since there was a very wide range of cosplayers, from little children with both bought and home-made costumes and adults in both simple and elaborate costumes through-out the day on both days, it’s a great way to give everyone a chance to participate. Judging it was so hard, because there were just so many cute, funny and beautiful costumes to choose between, and I’m happy that this year, there seemed to be even more variation in the costumes – they were not just sci-fi, but also anime, book, movie and game characters.

I also thought it was really cool that apart from the cosplay booth, where you could get high quality photos of your cosplay, there was also several photographers and videographers, including Cosplay i Danmark, who were filming all the cosplayers there. It’s fun to be part of these videos at event, and I love that these guys take the time to put in so much effort to film and photograph us cosplayers.

There was also a lot of different merch. Of course a lot of Star Wars themed items, since it was originally a Star Wars event, but also vintage toys, legos, pop figurines, funny t-shirts, 3D print supplies, comic books, artists and many other things. Before corona, the event had even more booths, but I feel that already from the event in September last year and until now, it has grown, so I’m sure it will continue to grow bigger again.

Apart from above mentioned, there were also various panels, which I sadly didn’t attend, since I was busy being part of the cosplay booth. But I did get to meet Wikke & Rasmussen, who were actors in a childhood favourite movie, and they complimented my cosplay, which made me smile. There were also some cast from Star Wars movies and other VIP guests.

There’s so much more to tell, but really, I can recommend at least other Danes to visit the event next year – whether you’re just a fellow “nerd”, a hard-core Star Wars Fan or cosplayer of any kind!

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