Scificon 2023

April 18, 2023

My first event of the year was Scificon Randers. It was a good opportunity to finally push to finish my new Astral Warden druid, and I did manage to make it wearable – I finished it the day before the event. There are things still to change, but I’m happy with how it turned out in the end.

On to Scificon. I originally joined the crew just as a cosplay judge, but I have since been helping a bit with improving on the cosplay part by being part of the organizer team, and this year we had an actual show instead of the usual photo contest we had the previous years. So we had 3 judges – me, Zibartas Cosplay and Hiccup the Derp – and we did pre-judging before the show. It was the first year, so saturday didn’t run completely smoothly, but both the participants and the audience seemed to really enjoy it, so I’m very happy we made it happen. Scificon is still a somewhat small event, so the contest is also not huge and neither is the stage – but this can totally be an advantage, since it’s perfect for beginner cosplayers. We got so much positive feedback, which made it worth all the stress of planning and hosting it!

The convention itself grows every year, and this year was no exception. There were over 2000 participants on saturday, and since it’s not a huge venue, that was quite a lot. I wore my new druid saturday, and I barely managed to walk through the hall, not because there wasn’t space, but I got a lot of positive comments and was stopped for photos a lot.

The previous years, sunday has felt very empty, because some of the vendors didn’t stay for both days, but this year they had filled out a lot of those empty spaces, so it didn’t feel empty the same way. There was noticably less people Sunday, so it was a bit more chill and there was more time to chat with people, which I enjoyed.

The booths were very varied – from books and comics to merch to artists and handmade items. I bought a hand-made hair stick from Martillo Blacksmith, which I’m really enjoying – it’s handmade of iron and it’s really hard to even find hair sticks in Denmark and especially nice ones. I also FINALLY got a new purple hoodie from Customized-ID, which I’m looking forward to embroidering with my fancy embroidery machine. I’ve probably not mentioned this before, but I’ve struggled for a long while to find a replacement for my old, worn hoodie. The last stuff I bought was a lot of different HP things – no one is surprised with that. We also met our friend Brother Zael, who brought the coolest birthday gift for Zibartas (and also kind of me) in the form of a customized Rapunzel & Eugene/Flynn Rider figurine.

All in all, I had an amazing weekend, and as always, I’ll be recharging for a while before I have energy for new adventures (and cosplays). I’ll end with some of the very few photos I have here.

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