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June 29, 2016

I do reviews very rarely. But stoff4you is just one of those shops… I have a love/hate relationship with it.

I have purchased from it 4 times now. The first time (3 years ago) was a mixed experience. A friend and I bought two colours of pleather and some gold/silver fabric. The pleather was pretty much all we’d hoped for, the gold/silver fabric, however, looked nothing like the photos. They were supposed to be solid colours, but instead were dot colours… After much complaining, the shop agreed to pay back the money for the two bad fabrics… But the bank transfer fees fell on me, so I ended up not really getting much refunded, less than half of what we paid.

Second time, I ordered 38 meters of their universal fabric. At a price of 3 euro pr. meter, I wasn’t sure if it would be the thing I needed, but it was a large, low-budget project ( a Darkmoon Faire-style tent). The fabric was all that I wanted it to be! There were some tiny mistakes in the weave here and there, but nothing too noticeable, and the overall quality was highly impressive for the price – thick, nice fall and beautiful colours more or less true to the stock images. I was impressed, and sure my first order was a fluke!

My third order came about, because they have a photo contest in which the monthly first price is 100 euro. I participated with the costume I made with the pleather from my first order (Ysera) and won! I wanted to sew some regular every-day clothes, so I purchased a mix of various jerseys. I also got some more of the same fabrics I had ordered for the tent, since I wanted to make a matching costume from same fabric. Here comes my big disappointment. Almost all of the colours of the fabrics in this order were miss-matched. The fabric that was supposedly the same as I had ordered for my tent wasn’t even CLOSE tot he same colour – where I had originally gotten the deep, rich purple colour shown in the stock image, the new piece of fabric was a dull lavender. Other purples in my order were actually more like pink. It was a huge disappointment. I mailed back and forth with them, and was basically told – c’est la vie! They also suck at English, so I had to communicate with them in German.

My latest and fourth order maybe shouldn’t have happened. You’d think after an experience like my 3rd order, I wouldn’t buy from them again. So why did I?

Weeeelll… They are cheap. Like, really, really cheap. And also the only European fabric shop I’ve found that sells green pleather. Go figure. So when I needed green pleather, I ended up here. I also dragged my friends into it, because they were also in need of cheap pleather. For our costumes, we also needed organza, which is another fabric that is hard to come by in a larger selection of colour here in Denmark. Their organza was luckily very cheap, and having learnt from past mistakes, I chose to purchase 2 different colours for each 1 I needed of their organza, so I would have a bigger likelyhood of getting the colours I  needed.
I’m really glad I did, because once again, the colours were a bit of hit and miss on some of them. Cherry reds were more like firetruck reds, and I even got a blue(dominant)/red two-tone organza that should have been purple (dominant)/blue. Photos below.





Will I order from here again? Maybe. This shop kind of reminds me of buying stuff from China on eBay or Alibaba. It’s sort of a gamble whether you get the thing you need or not, but if you do get what you need, it’s an awesome bargain, and if you don’t… Well, maybe you can resell it or use it for a different project.

To be honest, my biggest beef with this shop is how they promise 1 week delivery, but often takes 2+ weeks to deliver (well, I think they did every time so far). I just HATE waiting that long for stuff purchased within EU. But if I’ve got loads of time for a project and am willing to gamble a bit, I might return.

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