Shops & Useful links

Living in Denmark means that many things aren’t that easily accessible, and a lot of specialty things I’ve had to buy online. Because of very stupid tax laws, as soon as you buy for more than 80 kr/$13,7/€11, you have to pay 25% in tax + some more in fees. That gets expensive REALLY fast. Very often, shipping costs 80 kr alone, so buying from US is not really a good idea, unless the shop is willing to send as a gift – which is not actually entirely legal, so I won’t advice on that. Instead, here’s some links to shops I have used and like (some Danish, too):

For wigs, light-up stuff, D-/O-rings and many more things within Denmark, check out:

Worbla/thermoplastics: – ships outside UK as well, extra fee on worbla shipping. – sadly only ships within Germany, but is the cheapest if you’re from Germany or know someone who drives to Germany often. – German cosplay webshop with a broad selection of cosplay materials, especially thermoplastics, wigs and special FX make-up. – Danish page, so the shipping prices to other countries are probably expensive. But for Danes who are interested in fast shipping – here’s an option! – this Swiss-based webshop has a broad selction of thermoplastics, wigs, tools, foams, light-up materials etc. Basically a one-stop shop for all you might need.


Light-up cosplay stuff: – Danish shop – one of the cheapest in country for this sort of thing. Mostly handy if you live near-by, which I do. – Cheap LEDs and other things. Chinese, but the items are cheap and shipping free. Notice shipping usually takes a month or even more. Actually really good, also has wigs, resin shapes (aka silicone ice cube trays) and more. – eBay is your friend – they have everything!


Craft foam, papermaché, resin etc: – decently prices craft foam – again, Danish shop. – they have a nice papermaché thing – it’s not the usual glue that you add pieces of paper to, it already has the paper built in and you just add water and get a sort of clay that you can use to make smooth surfaces with. – they have a lot of specialty items that you don’t find in any of the mainstream craft shops in Denmark. Their webpage is horrible, but it is possible to buy online – just very complicated. Their brand of resin – XOR – is pretty bad, and I wouldn’t recommend it – all kinds of leather, fur and things you need to work with it – colour, horn, buttons, buckles, tools etc. Also eyelets to use with fabric if you’re making laced corsets or similar – I have bought EVA foam from this shop – they have many different materials that you don’t find everywhere.


Tools, misc: – Cheap heat guns, expanding foam, tools in general, tape etc. – They also carry some nice elf ears! – Bought lenses from here a few times, they were all quite good.


Tutorials/books: – a webshop with a collection of ebooks with cosplay crafting as the topic. Both paid and free ebooks, worth a try if you’re new or you want to advance your crafting skills. – this girl is awesome at what she does – and makes some very nice video tutorials for it. Some are in German, but most with subtitles. – Lots of tutorials here for everything, just check under resources.


Communities: – Forum, profile page where you can upload your costumes and lots and LOTS of cosplayers – Danish community for cosplayers, anime/manga/Japan fans