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August 28, 2015

In my last post, I mentioned aaaall the projects I started and how I wasn’t finishing any. Well, although I didn’t get as much done as I wanted to, I still managed to cross some things off my list!

Ysera got a brush-up with some new horns, new wig, hairpiece and moon-thingy!


Dragon selfie, woohoo!


Dennis Wassmann delivered great photos as always!

I also managed to get my casual Blood Elf  cosplay done:


Hallway shot from Hydracon by Mike Mørch

At Hydracon I was part of a World of Warcraft-themed craft exhibition corner where I and a group of friends put our Warcraft-cosplays and props on display.


Although transporting all the things there was a hassle, it was very fun to be a part of a convention like that with a large group – and we enjoyed it so much and were liked so much that we got invited back to do the same at Koyocon 2015! For which I’m already planning the biggest prop I’ve ever made – a 3x3meter large Darkmoon Faire tent! Stay tuned for more on that later!


The awesome group of the Hydracon 2015 Warcrafters’ Corner! Including Mike Mørch, who is not pictured, because he was the photographer. 

What’s next for me now?

Well, I’m well on my way to finishing Lagertha, and Mylune is also progressing, although slowly. Lots of work, not enough time!

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