Sprite Darter

This cosplay is a fun costume that both involves a lot of sewing of sort of regular style clothing (a sweatshirt, leggings, hoodie) but also has some really cool features like the bright, colourful wings and the mask. The fabric parts honestly look similar to something I’d wear as everyday clothes, so when the set was datamined in April 2020, I was immediately excited to start working on it. I was about half-way through when Blizzard announced that it was a store item (meaning: Pay real money to get), which completely ruined my motivation to finish it, because I don’t support the choice to have an in-game store in a game where you’re already paying for the game itself and also for the time you play that game. So I completely stopped working on it for almost 2 years until mid-2022 when I decided that it was so close to done that I should just finish it. So I recruited Zibartas Cosplay to help me make a harness for the wings and finished up the cosplay. Further down this page, you’ll find a link to his video about how the wings was made. But I’ll start out with the fabric parts. Since this project was spread out over so much time, I haven’t got as many details as some of my other posts, but the wing-video is really good! If you JUST want to see that, just scroll to the bottom!


First I went to the fabric shop – there’s so many different colours, so I got a bunch of different sweatshirt and jersey fabrics.

I started with the easy parts – which to me is the sewing. I started with the hoodie. For this, I actually used a pattern from a medieval dress I had lying around – it’s a pattern I’ve used for many, many projects just because the princess seams on it is dialed in to how I like it. I shortened the pattern and cut it with extra seam allowance for a more loose fit.

The leggings are just the same pattern that I use for everyday clothes, so they were made really fast.

I made the skirt pattern by simply drafting piece of paper onto a mannequin. I used silver pleather for the details and first glued it on, then stitched it using a teflon foot in my sewing machine.

The hoodie pattern was fun to make, but sadly, I can’t find the rest of my progress photos, but I’ll try to go through the process of how I made it.

I started out with a regular mannequin head. Then I sprayed expanding foam on it. I had no clue how else to make the pattern. I carved the foam into shape and covered it in cling film and duct tape, then drew on all the lines and where I imagined the seams to be. Then I cut it off and this now turned into my pattern. 

The image here shows the hat I ended out with. The striped part is filled with pillow stuffing to help it keep it’s shape. The lining that I added later is “flat”, so it kind of seals the pillow stuffing inside the “tail”.

Originally, I planned to have the lower part of the hoodie be separate pieces, but it just wouldn’t sit right. After much frustration, I redid this to be just 3 pieces (two fronts, 1 back) and later added the separation with what I have later learned is called a satin zig-zag seam.

The shoulder armor is made with a base of EVA foam, foam triangular bevels (purchased from cosplayshop.be) and the wider triangular piece is foam clay that I sanded to shape. I airbrushed this silver. It’s mounted to the hood (the piece in the previous photo) with 2 snap magnets on each side. I stitched them onto a piece of silver pleather that I glued on the underside of the shoulders, so they are also nicely lined and look neat on the part that isn’t visible.

I made the socks with a quite simple pattern. The sole, the front of the foot and then the leg-part. I ended up stitching them together with the leggings to turn them into pantyhose, because it was the easiest way to make sure they stayed on. The thick part around was made by first making a foam circle, measuring the circumferance, making a fabric “cover” for it with with the aubergine and silver fabric and then glueing it onto it. My foot fits through it and it stays up from friction on my leg, so there’s no velcro or other things. After a few wears, I’ve concluded that this is solid enough – it doesn’t move and it’s comfortable.

The shoes were hilarious and silly and made the evening before first time I wore the cosplay. I basically just eyeballed a pattern from paper, taped it together and adjusted until I had the right shape, then transferred it to foam.

I then took the same pattern more or less with seam allowance and cut it from the silver fabric, stitched it together and glued it onto the shoe. The sole is made from the rubber of a tyre hose (I’m not sure how it’s called in English, the inflated hose that is inside some tyres).

The shoes are so stupid and weird, but I kinda like them – they look true to reference. And aren’t the worst to wear, but they are definitely indoor shoes.

Now, the last things, I don’t really have progress photos of, except the wings for which there is a video.

But I will try to describe each part, starting with the belt.

It consists of two things: The aubergine-coloured base and the blue/teal sash. The aubergine part is made with batting, to make it thicker and give it more shape. It has little “cheat” bags that are not functional on each side and closes with velcro on one side. There’s a hidden pocked on the inside of it on the back where I can store my phone and other small things.

The sash is a long piece of fabric folded in two and stitched together, so the seams are hidden inside it. It was originally just the blue colour and then I airbrushed the teal part of it for the gradient.


The pattern for the mask was just handdrafted with paper and once I was satisfied with the shape, I transferred it to EVA foam. I glued thinner pieces of EVA foam on for the parts that stick out and used a dremel tool to sand the edge along the bottom line. The feathers are made from 2mm EVA foam with a steel wire glued in the middle, so they can be posed. Everything was airbrushed.

I later added a magnet at the tip of the hood and the top of the mask, so the two could be connected to avoid them coming out of alignment. There’s also a comb inside the hood to keep it up, since the weight of the “tail” pulls it down slightly. But since my 1,5 hair is in a big bun underneath, it helps a bit, since the “tail” can rest on it.

The next part is the closure for the hood. It has two aubergine “clasps” that close with magnet snaps and then a silver moon with some orange ribbon. This moon was just cut from EVA foam and spray painted. The ribbon was stitched onto a brooche and the moon glued onto it.

Now time for the coolest part of this costume: The wings!

Zibartas made a cool harness out of metal as the base. The video at the end here describes how he did that, as well as includes footage on how I did the wings, but I’ll also write some here.

The metal wire part seen here is the part that connects to the harness and makes sure the wings hold their shape.

Each wing is made from 3 layers of EVA foam; The middle layer is 0,5mm and the back and front layers are 0,2mm foam. I used C’est La Sara’s free pattern for the wings. You can find it right here, along with lots of other cool ressources.

I was honestly pretty stoked to see how it already looked really cool while it was still just raw foam. I did add some more foam to form a spine along the upper edge, and I sanded that and all the other edges with my dremel tool before moving on to painting.

First I painted all the “holes” with various colours using my airbrush. In the reference, the wings and the feathers actually cycle through different colours, but I didn’t want to make it more complicated, so I picked the colour scheme I liked the most and went with that. I didn’t mask off anything yet at this point, just took care not to spray too wildly over the already painted parts.

I used the foam pieces I had cut out to mask off the painted colours while painting the other parts first black (as pictured), then after that a dark blue (see video and gallery).

The dark surroundings really make the bright colours pop, and I love the contrast. I made tiny holes in the hoodie that the harness pokes through and that is basically all.

Check out the video Zibartas made of both his and my progress on the wings below!

It was a long time in the making, but I finally debuted it september 2022 and here’s the finished result! Check out the gallery as well for more photos.