Stupid drivers and blood oranges

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The other day I was driving around downtown Århus, and I just noticed – god, there’s a lot of stupid drivers! I had to make a lot of right turns at intersections, and everytime I didn’t drive the moment the light was green, people started honking – well, excuse me for not wanting to hit the pedestrian walking in the middle of my path. I know my car is harder and all – but come on. I have enough dents in my car already! And people didn’t seem to get this. That there were pedestrians and bicycles and that that was why I didn’t just go.

Well, there’s the reason I’m lazy and drive around instead of biking or walking – I’m scared for my life!

On a different note, I just remembered that it should be season for blood oranges soon. God, I love those. Why? They’re red,  of course!  Also, they’re very tasty. Slightly sweeter and more watery than regular, sour oranges. And did I mention that they’re red? Yummy! Best thing about winter for sure!

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