Stupid phone store

November 29, 2011

So, a while back I got a Nokia E72. It looks nice, the exterior is cool – qwerty keyboard, decent screen for a non-touchscreen phone – but alas, it didn’t work as it should. It had numerous errors – like freezing every other minute, suddenly being unable to get any signal at all in places where there is always 100% signal strength and worst of all – whenever someone would call me, they’d sound like ducks! You know, little birdies that like bread.

And so I took it to the store the first time. They replaced some inner parts, and I thought – ah, finally I can call people like any other person with a phone. But nope. Again with the duck-people.

And so I took it to the store the second time. Where they… Updated software. That’s gonna make the speakers work, sure…

And so I took it to the store the third time. Oh, wait, what’s the rule – third time same error = new phone/money back, right? Yeah. But the store misunderstood something, it seems, because they gave me back my old phone today. With new software.

So I have been writing a complaint to higher-ups today, will keep whoever’s reading posted on progress with this later.

On a different note: Managed to figure out what’s wrong with my car and with a little help, fix it! *dance*

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