SVScon 2014

May 7, 2014

First weekend of May brought on SVScon 2014 and the debut of my Ysera cosplay. I participated in no less than 2 cosplay contests with it. There was a new contest, which was only announced a month before the convention, and at that point, I wasn’t sure I would be able to join the other one, so, I signed up, and – well, ended up in both with the same costume!

It was good, though – friday featured the first of the cosplay contests, which was SVS Cosplay Showcase. This was a walk-on contest that required no act – just a short spin on stage while an announcer talked a bit about the costume. The contest featured 4 categories in which prizes could be won – Best Craft, Best Look-alike, Best Make-up, Best Prop. I won Best Look-a-like – my very first award for any costume!


I would’ve loved to post the photo that was taken of all participants, but I have yet to find one 🙁

Saturday featured the big even – the SVS cosplayshow! I participated, but sadly, did not win. This years, all of the performances were great, and the costume level very high, so I’m not that sad – everyone was just awesome! Also, I am just so darn pleased with myself for not hitting myself with my whip during my act:

Here’s a few photos from the convention


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