The Genki 2013 experience

September 3, 2013

Genki was the first con I participated in for more than just 1 day. And I have to say, it was quite a different experience than my other cons because of it. It had pros and cons. It was fun waking up and seeing people prepare for the day by adding wigs and paint and huge dresses and heavy armors, but also hard work to sleep only 3 hours a night on an air mattress.

I also discovered new talents as a saleswoman! My friend, Michelle Louring, was selling copies of her books in Artist Alley, and since I was taking up much of her table half the time for emergency-costume-glueing, I thought I needed to make up for it by persuading people to buy her books. Dressed as cute little Chii, it worked pretty well, to even my own surprise!

Friday was a short day, and I just put on my Jeannie costume, which was very comfortable. Saturday was the long, big day, so I went with my druid. I took about an hour and a half to get ready – make-up, wig, lenses, clothes, pauldrons etc. 30 minutes into wearing it, one pauldron-buckle cracked, my pauldron started sliding off, and to save it, I bent over to catch it – sending my headpiece flying across the floor, cracking in one place and losing paint in another. Yikes. The wig made my head too hot to think, too. I got rid of the wig, spent about an hour and a tube of superglue (and some hot glue) on fixing my armor, and got it all to (more or less) work again. Pfew.

Sunday I was back in a comfortable costume (Chii). The fact that it wasn’t anything special meant that I could just relax and take pictures of the other awesome costumes at the con without worrying about whether I was posing well. I don’t think I will ever have a career as a model, hihi. There were so many impressive and awesome costumes, really nice people and also a lot of talents in the artist alley. I’m already excited about my next con! (and worried about having to wear a wig again >.<)


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