The Harry Potter craze continues

January 5, 2022

I swear, this will be the last post about Harry Potter in a while. I’m starting a new cosplay project soon hopefully and hope to give you new content.

Buuuut in the meantime, I did a thing.

So, remember how I wrote about my Harry Potter webpage in my previous post? Well, I still own the domain, and it was just sitting there with a broken webpage (the way I made it wasn’t supported on my current server). And I figured – why not practice my skills and make a little webpage dedicated to my HP obsession again and restore the old page? So I’ve done just that.

If you go to now, you’ll find a brand spanking new home for my HP book collection list and also my HP Lego collection + as a bonus, my old collection from when I was 11-19. There’s also a link to my original webpage. Woop woop!

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