The shittiest month in history

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I have often felt unlucky, but this month wins the gold medal in suckage. First, I bought a new car – that’s great, of course. Except my insurances got completely f***ed up, and I almost ended up having to pay double. For a week, I was spending at least 1 hour on the phone with the insurance company and one hour on the phone with the housing company – because our radiator was making so much noise every night that we couldn’t sleep.

Then I went and got an infection in my breast, a disease that is almost only associated with breast feeders, and I don’t have any children. It hurts like hell, and this is the 2nd time I get it. I’m going on a vacation tomorrow, but according to my doctor, I shouldn’t leave the country if there hasn’t been improvement.

As if my health problems aren’t enough to maybe cancel my vacation, my goddamn brand new (used, ofc) car breaks down in the middle of nowhere. And why, you might ask, were you driving around in the middle of nowhere while sick? Why, because my car has summer tires, and there snow EVERYWHERE, so I needed to get winter tires – which someone had for sale used. Luckily, I wasn’t going alone, and while my car was being towed off to the workshop, I continued to the tires with my father. The tires, it turned out, were illegal to drive, because they were so worn.

And apparently, my car has something serious wrong with it, so it won’t be ready for my drive-yourself vacation.

Life is just a bitch sometimes.

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