The Sprite Darter and other projects

February 27, 2023

As you may  have seen already, I added a write-up about my Sprite Darter cosplay. Special about this one is the fact that I collaborated with Zibartas Cosplay who made the wing harness. We made a video together about it, which you can see here or together with the full write-up here.

Other than that, I just finished a little home improvement project in the form of re-upholstering my dining room chairs with custom embroidered monograms, because now that I have an embroidery machine (a long-standing wish that was granted for Christmas by my dad – I wrote about it in my last post), I want to embroider everything that sits still long enough!

Winter was a hard time for me this year, and a lot of things have been stressing me out to the point where I just had no energy left to craft. I’m taking steps to take care of that, and just the knowledge that I’m working on it has spiked somewhat of a renewed motivation, so while I had to toss the very optimistic time schedule for finishing this cosplay next month, I do think it’s realistic that it’ll be ready for my first convention this year. I’m of course talking about the Astral Warden druid that I started last year. I’m close to done with the sewing parts. The armor is complex, but there’s not many parts to it, so I think it should be realistic for me to finish it by april, despite my current headspace not leaving much energy for crafting. I’m sure many of my fellow crafters know that feeling. 

As for what is next, I’m already thinking about projects for this year. I really want to do something that incorporates leatherwork and embroidery, so I might look for some viking-inspired characters to cosplay. I also kind of want to do the Barbie-version of Rapunzel, because I’ve been looking for an excuse to buy a particularly fancy, sparkly tulle fabric for a while. I even found a friend who would be up for cosplaying the dragon friend!

I’ll end this post with some photos.

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