The struggles of pattern making

May 11, 2022

Years ago, I made my first Rapunzel cosplay. I really like her character – she’s a Disney princess, but she’s got a mind of her own, she gets stuff done, she is really clever and very creative. When Eugene proposed to her, she actually said no – twice – because she wanted to live her life and experience freedom outside the tower before settling down. I think she’s a great character.

Also, she has long hair, and I do too. Maybe not AS long, but long enough to be called Rapunzel by random strangers, so I think that qualifies me to cosplay her without wearing a wig.

Anyways, I’ve loved cosplaying her. It’s a lot of fun being a bubbly princess BUT one thing has bothered me since making this cosplay – it just doesn’t fit right.

I originally used a pattern for a Dirndl (German folk wear) as a base, but the fit is somehow too loose. I figured I didn’t do proper adjustments before sewing, so I ordered new fabric and my original plan was to just use the same pattern, but make a mockup and adjust it before making the 2nd version.


But after 6-7 mockups that still didn’t fit AT ALL I was close to giving up. In the end, I found a different solution, though – I decided to just make a normal princess seam styled top with fewer panels – it’s not as close to reference, but it does fit me a lot better and I think honestly that is more important.

However, that means that I also have to redo the top underneath, because the two are more or less the same pattern, just diffferent necklines. So what was supposed to be the work of a few days has turned into quite a big project, and with a week to go until I want to wear it, I’m stressing a bit off. But I think the result will be good! Here’s some progress photos – the corset part is almost done!

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